Best known for fronting Canada's recording artists "White Wolf", Don Wolf is currently based in the beautiful South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Don has had a lifelong commitment and involvement in music that includes
Seven National and International CD releases.

He has been involved in Music Composition for Theatre and Screen, and has put in many years of Local and International Touring Band Work.

He has Produced and Co-Produced many projects including his own and has a solid background in all Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting, and Midi Composing, and as a Professional musician.

Along with being an in demand and well respected Vocal/Performance Coach, Don has shared the stage, recorded and worked with some of the Top Producers and Artists in the world such as:

"Adam H." (Elise Estrada, Sarah Geronimo, J. Young, Charlotte Zone, BeSallis, Ray J, Hey Bombshell, Celeb, Desirae, Def Leppard, Loverboy, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel and more!),
"Bruce Fairbairn" (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison),

"Jack Richardson" (Guess Who, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, White Wolf),
Danny Lowe (Painter),

"Mike Fraser" (AC/DC, Whitesnake, Poison), Bob Rock, Paul Dean (Loverboy),

and bands/artists such as, Bon Jovi, Nazareth, Golden Earring, Poison, Scythia, Mike Reno (Loverboy), Angel City (Australia), Motley Crue, Falco, the Bolland Brothers,
and the list goes on.


~ Don has recently joined forces with Adam H and the XOXO writing team and has been co-writing for:
~ New releases for, "Elise Estrada""Be Sallis""Global Party Starters""Sarah Geronimo".
~ The new "J Young" Cd release, "Three Sixty" in 2019
~ The single release of "Slide Into My DM" for Philippines Dance star, AC Bonifacio!!!!
~ Single Release for"Crystal T.A." with the song I.O.U (featuring "Monsta Mack")

~ Don has also been involved as a Performance/Vocal Coach with:
"Vocal Star Singapore"  - June 2019
"Vocal Star Los Angeles" - August 2019

"Vocal Star Los Angeles" - December 2019
​"The Celebrity Experience" in Los Angeles California - January & August 2018 & 2019

ABC (America) (Fox - Asia) - "A Million Little Things" - Season 2
The CW (America)  Network's - "Supernatural" - Final Season 

International Judge for "Live Indie Rock Wars" - Las Vegas, Nevada 2010
KWC World Championships - 2010 & 2011 (Don helped pick,  and coached the Canadian Champions who went on to compete in the world competitions.)


To Contact Don For All Info
Email Him At: